Americans are becoming more aware of the staggering costs associated with long-term care (LTC) for senior citizens and other people with debilitating illnesses or injuries. The annual cost for an individual's long-term care needs in a facility has surpassed $50,000 per year and continues to rise at levels that exceed normal inflation. Everyone needs to think seriously about long-term care insurance needs, whether it is for yourself or a family member.

As insurance consumers become more knowledgeable about the different product options, they also become more cognizant of the fact that government programs provide inadequate long-term care coverage and do not appear likely to increase the level of coverage anytime in the near future. As we all continue to live longer, long-term care insurance will continue to entrench itself as a necessity, and not the luxury insurance product as it has been known in the past. LTC insurance continues to experience a period of popularity, mainly due to the fact that the market is full of excellent-rated insurance carriers with rich plan options and aggressive pricing.

The Montoya Group has over ten years experience in the long-term care business, and we are proud of our reputation for finding the best plan for each client's budget. We do not represent a "select few" carriers like many of our competitors. Instead, we analyze the entire marketplace for each client. This unprejudiced approach strengthens our role as advisor and upholds our fiduciary duty as consultant and broker.



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